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Posts from — February 2008

Papers found for J3 – Missy

I never knew the name for my Jollyboat…..and have normally called her ‘Effie’ after my mother.
I knew that it was made for Max Aitken and lived for a long while in his boat house next to Uffa Fox’s in Isle of White.  I knew it was sailed by Hillary Laing (Feranti) quite a bit before being used for development and research into ‘fast’ hull shapes when it was fitted with a speedo gland and presumably big clocks.  The clocks have gone although the place where they were is still evident.

But Andrew Richardson – Keeper of the Records for all things Jollyboat has found the original measurement form for J3 andnow I know she was called ‘Missy’.

Great news and hopefully we will be able to bring out more of this kind of information in the future.

Here is the Measurement Form.

J3 Missy Measurement Papers



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Canadian Jollyboat

This image was sent to me by Justin Cetas of his Jollyboat in Canada.

More info as soon as I have it

February 3, 2008   2 Comments

Wooden Mast Foot for J3

These days most Jollyboats are using aluminum masts and stiff ones at that. But it wasn’t always that way, for a while the ‘wooden-tops’ were common in the fleet, but the earliest boats had wooden masts. Wonderful examples of wood-work. Amazingly light, there was not much weight advantage to going to an ali mast. They were made from two halves, some parts as thin as 1/4in. J3 still has its original mast, but is normally sailed with a Needlespar.

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J – Mostly Joy

Unknown number or location.

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